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H-town Hotties

Looks like H-town’s getting love from Maxim. I don’t usually visit Maxim’s site (I swear!), but I stumbled upon it via my Complex RSS feed and lo and behold, Houston is being featured in the Hometown Hotties section. I wonder if we know any of these girls….

via Maxim

via Maxim



Banksy is hands-down the most popular/notorious street artist from across the pond.  Just a few years ago, like most graff artists, he was considered a vandal by the general public.  But over the years he has gained a certain popularity with his humorous and often satirical political/ethical pieces.  Check out Wikipedia for more Banksy info.

Recently, a Banksy exhibition was put on at the Bristol Musuem.  Homeboy took over the whole building, and most of the usual pieces at the musuem have been replaced by works by the street artist.  What’s crazy is that for months the thing was kept a secret, and the few musuem officials that did know about it didn’t even get to meet Banksy.  They communicated mostly through phone or through his agent.  It’s crazy to think after all these years his identity is still a mystery (my bet is that his “agent” is really him, but i digress…).

Anyways, a link to the BBC article on the exibition can be found here.  There’s also a Youtube video below showing some of the pieces.

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So a lot of us will probably agree that this whole “pause” thing is getting out of control.  For those of you who aren’t in the know, Urban Dictionary provides a good definition.

Anyways, here’s an Interlude from the Cool Kids off of the Fake Shore Drive Mixtape by Timbuk2 about how out of control this pause thing is.  IMHO, this was the best track off that mixtape haha.   For real though, no hate, but i found most of that mixtape to be pretty average.  Anyways, I thought this Interlude was funny as hell. Without further adeiu…

Cool Kids Pause Interlude

Drake – Little Bit (feat. Lykke Li)

I can’t lie – I was one of the last to get on this Drake dude.  Don’t mean to be a hypebeast, but I’m really feelin this dude.  “Best I Ever Had” is still the jam, but “Little Bit” has been my favorite song off the “So Far Gone” mixtape as of late.

Check it out here (via hypem).


The first post

This is the first post.  Stay tuned for cool shit.