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Stayin up on things

Right now I have about 15 or so newsfeeds in my Google Reader, most of which are about sneakers, street fashion, and music.  I think it’s safe to say that it’s impossible for me to stay updated on everything I’m interested in.  At present, my Highsnobiety feed has 507 unread items.  I don’t see how any person with a “normal” schedule can have enough time to simply stay up on everything they like.  Or maybe I’m trying to keep up with too much.

But it got me thinking…how do you elicit people to follow and stay updated on something you’re trying to put out there, when there’s so much out there?  Whether you’re trying to fundraise for your school orchestra, raise breast cancer awareness, or get the word out about your new clothing brand, how do you get people to care about what you’re doing?  And I think the answer lies in the fact that people usually don’t (but not always) casually hear about things and then take time to research into them.  People seek out information regarding things they already care about.  So if you want people to seek out updates about whatever it is you’re doing, you gotta find a way to make them care.  Simply getting the word out, passing out flyers, and inviting all of your Facebook friends to something won’t do anything unless people care.

So how do you get people to care?  I’ll let you know soon as I figure out a sure-fire answer haha.


MJ vs. Penny

Nike’s marketing/advertising has always been on point.  And, being the basketball fan that I am, I’m thinking mostly of their basketball campaigns when I say this, because this is what I’m most familiar with.  Their commercials are actually quality entertainment, the most recent example being the LBJ vs. Kobe commercials.

But let me take you back to a classic MJ commercial, “Frozen Moments”.  It’s so dramatic, so moving.  And then follow that up with a parody of that commercial that Nike made for Penny.  I’m sure if you a hoops/shoe fan, these two vids will definitely bring back some memories.  You’ll also remember the time you fell in love with Tyra.

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Penny II Atlantic Blue

Damn it’s been a minute since i posted.  Ran across these today reading my Nice Kicks news feed.  Supposedly these will be a quickstrike in the coming months.  A definite cop if I can get my hands on a pair.  The Penny IIs are one of my favorite shoes of all time, and now that I think of it I can’t think of a good reason why i didn’t cop the white/blue GR that dropped several months back.  Oh well, at least I got my 1/2 cents, thanks to Fahad of Motive807.

These are looking real legit my friends!



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