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Ms. Anonymous

Seems like a lot of my friends have been posting tributes to some of their favorite women.  My good friend Trevor Jones of Humanzee recently posted a tribute to the beautiful Vanessa Minnillo (who, by the way, once held the number one spot in my heart).  Fellow King Paolo Jackson just wrote about some of his favorite (female) news anchors.  If you don’t know Paolo, he’s been on this “hot news anchor” tip for a minute.  I can’t blame him really.  Actually, I should probably thank him for puttin me on (even though my crush on news anchors started at an early age).  I guess it’s only fitting I get mine in.

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I love Sloan.  Anyone who watches Entourage loves Sloan.  But, like, I REALLY love Sloan.  Yes, I know Emmanuelle Chriqui is her “real” name.  But I love Sloan, the character from Entourage, not Emmanuelle.  And that’s not to say I wouldn’t fall in love with Emmanuelle if I ever met her, but the truth is I know nothing about Emmanuelle Chriqui.  I know quite a bit about Sloan, though.  And what Sloan represents embodies is that which I am in love with.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  Indeed she’s gorgeous.  And if you know me well then you know her body-type is personally my “ideal”: tan skin, slender body with gentle curves, tall-ish (at least compared to E, who is probably close to my height), features that appear racially mixed (other girls that have had the #1 spot include Vanessa M., as previously mentioned, and J. Alba), yadda yadda yadda.  But Sloan’s beauty is much more than skin deep.  For one, she comes from an affluent family, but she’s not the stereotypical spoiled rich brat.  She’s motivated and career-driven, a true independent woman that works to get hers (have you noticed in season 6 whenever she was talking on the phone with E she was always setting up/working some event?)  She’s not phased or impressed by celebrity.  She’s real – the kind of girl that can be down with the guys to watch the game, and actually enjoy it.  But she’s got class – the kind of girl you take to a company Christmas party or charitable fundraiser and not only will she look drop dead gorgeous in that gown, she will win everyone over with her charm.  And, perhaps most importantly, she makes her man better.  She makes her man WANT to be better.

Does a woman like this actually exist, a beautiful woman with all these amazing qualities?  I mean, it’s hard enough to find “celebrity-status” beauty as we walk in our every day life, so when we actually come across such a creature, what are the chances that she’ll actually be smart, ambitious, charming, “up on e’er thang other hoes ain’t ever on”?  Indeed such a rarity…but I’m convinced she is out there.

I just have to find her

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