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Mr. Cabby James returns to SoCal – Part 1

The first weekend in December marked my 3rd trip to SoCal in 2009.  The place is like my second home.  I was accompanied by my cousin and close friend Hazel.  We flew into San Diego, where we spent the first part of the weekend for my cousin/godbrother Randy’s wedding.  It also happens that this is the third wedding in which I’ve particpated as a groomsmen – seems like getting married was the “in” thing to do in 2009.  This was one was extra special because I’m especially close to Randy, and to see him wed someone he truly loves (and someone he didn’t even kiss before the wedding), was a blessing in itself.  The entire family flew out, so it was a great family vacation of sorts.

San Diego is a pretty dope city.  If you’ve never been I highly encourage you to visit.  The weather is perfect 98% of the year, which is probably why you always see people outside running/biking/rollerblading/etc.  The nightlife is fun too – you can think of the historic Gas Lamp District as San Diego’s version of West 6th street in Austin.  You can find cool, trendy bars there without the boogie-ness synonomous with LA clubs.   I like to think of SD as LA’s more laid back sibling.  That applies not only to nighlife, but to daylife as well.  People are just more chill in SD.  If you ever do make it to San Diego I REQUIRE that you go to a joint called Extraordinary Desserts.  More on that later.

Saturday after the wedding we left SD for Los Angeles.  More on that in part 2….

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