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Word of the Day: Persistent


A Basket of Eggs

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my personal blog, and though I’ve honestly wanted to create a few posts recently, the truth is much of my thoughts have been dominated by a single subject. Sharing these thoughts in a public forum would likely make my life awkward (at least in certain situations), so instead I’ve kept things relatively private and discussed with a few that are close to me.

I was having another one of these conversations with a good friend this evening, when he gave me an anecdote that kind of put things in perspective. He’s actually told me parts of this story before, but we never discussed details. Without putting all of his business out on the world wide web, suffice it to say he hit a rough patch with someone he cared about, so rough this person wanted him to die. For months he would try to contact this person, only to be ignored. On the rare occasion he was able to make contact, it would end up in arguments so heated they would nearly come to blows. Nevertheless, my friend persevered, and despite the obstacles things eventually returned to normal.

Why would anyone go through all that stress, all that trouble, for months on end? There are some things in life that can’t be achieved until you abandon all other prospects and fully invest in that one thing. At some point when you really know what you want, you have to put all your eggs in one basket. This is exactly what my friend did. At the time he and I were not that close, but I’m sure he had homies telling him to let it go. I know I would have. But when it comes to certain matters of the heart there is no compromise and no giving up.

So, now that things are in perspective, I know how to proceed…and I only have one basket.