Monthly Archives: May 2011

[Update] Hopping out the Matrix pt. 2

It’s been almost three months since the last post, and looking back I am encouraged with the progress that’s been made.  I finished bartending school and got a job at Lucky Strike Lanes downtown. Finding a bartending gig was a bigger challenge than I anticipated.  No one wanted to hire me because I had no bartending or waiting experience, but I was persistent and kept applying everywhere.  Thankfully, I landed a job at a pretty cool venue, so things worked out.  We’ve established the store name and formerly filed the LLC for our company.  I don’t want to put the store name out there just yet, but you’ll soon find out (probably as soon as we get the logo designed).

We’re currently looking at real estate listings for the store location and there are some pretty exciting prospects available.  We’re also in the process of finding/hiring an architect.  All this will be determined in a month’s time.  Soon as that’s done, all there’s that’s really left to do is build the store, order the product, launch the website, and…… our doors for business.

We’re getting closer.  Much has been accomplished in three months, but there is still much to do in the next three months in order to get this popping by the scheduled start date.  But we doing it…..yeah, we doing it.