Some people are motivated by money.  Some by love.  Some people are motivated by their need for validation.  Some people aren’t motivated at all.  When I really think about it, my motivation for success boils down to two things: my friends and my ego.

I have an immense respect for so many of my friends, and there are a bunch of people I know doing amazing things with their lives.  I’m reminded of this every time I check Facebook and Twitter.  I have friends that own their own dance studio, another who travels around the world making videos for a living, another who’s probably one of the youngest energy traders in the industry, another who just moved to Australia for a great opportunity, another going to school at Columbia, friends living it up NYC/Chicago/LA, etc. etc.  I see pictures from all over the world of my friends’ travels – Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Hawaii, London, Rio, Chile, etc.  These are my peers, and I’m proud of what they’re doing for themselves.  It’s impossible to settle for mediocrity when you see all of these great things on a regular basis.

Which leads me to my ego.   Deep down, if I’m really being honest, I don’t want to be average.  When I leave this world, I want to have left my imprint.  This is one reason why I want to hop out the Matrix.  If I never existed, someone else would be doing this desk job, and the world would never notice.  In the Matrix, I am replaceable.  I want to do more, because I feel like I’m capable of more.  To use an exaggerated example to make my point, imagine how different the world would be if Diddy never existed.  Think about that statement for a second and let it sink in, because it is entirely true – the world would be different without Diddy.  No Sean Jean, no “take that take that remix”, no Bad Boy, no Biggie

How different would the world be without you?  Would it even matter?  I want to matter.  Maybe not to the extent Diddy or Elvis or MLK matters, but I still want to influence the world around me.  This is my motivation.  What’s yours?



2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. My motivation now is so much different than it used to be. I wanted to be someone whose life was so extraordinary by virtue of its (definitive) profession, people would remember my work accomplishments and tremble in awe. Now I’m content to seek the kind of life where a lot of people remember me with a smile after I’m gone, and find inspiration in that memory–not because I did anything especially profound in the sense that it was Wiki-worthy, but because I helped them see what they were capable of.

  2. iren monkey says:


    my motivation: being better than everyone else.

    much like you, my ego is quite large and i hate being less than others. call me 24/7 competitive if you would like, but that drive is what makes sure that i’m not ever forgotten. it’s a wasted life to be forgotten, boy i tell ya.

    we are on the same page, my friend.

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