The Simple Things

Today we biked from my apartment to Fleming Park to say hello to friends playing tennis.  Then we biked to Bellaire/Holcombe to eat at Bernie’s Burger Bus.  Our burgers had bacon and were topped with a fried egg.  Our fries were sprinkled with parmesan cheese and truffle oil.  We ate while observing the sunset (no homo), discussed the philosophy of what is cool, and talked about how blessed we are and how we can help others.  My friend took a moment to call his girlfriend just to let her know how awesome things were at that exact moment.  We then rode through the city of Bellaire and admired all the nice homes.  We came across the Bellaire neighborhood pool aka neighborhood Splashtown.  We continued along through Rice Village aided by a cool breeze as dusk turned to night.  As we passed through the Rice University campus we got semi-lost, somehow ending up in the Medical Center, but you can’t really get lost if you have nowhere to be.  Eventually we ended up back at my apartment, more than happy with how the evening unfolded.


2 thoughts on “The Simple Things

  1. Jillian says:

    Love this: “…you can’t really get lost if you have nowhere to be.” Great post, Cabby.

  2. JonesIsJones says:

    too real

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