What will they say when I die?

I think about death.  Not often, but not infrequently.  I think most people are afraid of the subject, but it’s real, yo.  We are going to die. 

So when I think about my death, I think about what will be said at my funeral.  At every funeral they always say a bunch of nice things about the deceased.  They say how nice he was, how great of a family man he was, how he’s now walking in the presence of God, etc. etc. etc.

But how much of it is ACTUALLY true?  A lot of people have secrets, and sometimes those secrets never come to light.  I can’t help but think a lot of times things are being said at a funeral because they are supposed to be said.  Especially when they say stuff like “God’s watching over him now.”  Truth be told, most of the people I know do not live life in a way that exemplifies their faith (including myself).  So do we really believe the deceased is in God’s presence when God wasn’t present during life?

When I die, I want everything that is said at my funeral to be the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  I want them to say I lived a good life, that I loved my family and friends and took care of them as much as I could, and that I influenced the world in a positive manner.  Most importantly, though, when they say I’m walking in God’s presence in the afterlife, I want the way I lived to leave no doubt that this is indeed true.  I want them to say I did God’s work.  I want people to say they saw the God in me.  I want to walk in His footsteps.

But let’s be real – if you know me you know this isn’t the case.  I admit I indulge in ungodly things.  I drink to excess, I have a foul mouth, I lust after women, I’m not necessarily humble (but it’s hard to be when you’re good looking and good at life).  At the end of the day, I seek to fulfill my wants and desires before fulfilling what God wants for me. 

This is something I’ve always struggled with and will continue to struggle with, because at this present moment in my heart of hearts I really do enjoy the ungodly things I indulge in.  But if I’m going to live the life I want to live and be remembered for what really counts, then I need to make some changes.  I need to put God first, not me.  Now, I’m not trying to be a Bible thumper and be like “You’re going to heeeellllll!!!!” to everyone who doesn’t share my Christian beliefs.  But if I can bless people’s lives just by living by example, then I think I’ve done His work.


3 thoughts on “What will they say when I die?

  1. dtdinh says:

    Take care of your parents, put your family and friends above yourself, help people find love, do something positive for ppl around you without caring if they give back or not 🙂 You’ll be doing good by any god, regardless of faith

  2. I totally relate to this. I keep saying I’m going to start putting God first and going to church more, but as someone that also likes to live a good life (to put it nicely) it’s easier said than done..

  3. Corey says:


    I think about death too and how my life has affected others and how I’ll be remembered.

    I totally agree with putting God first in your life. And yes, the truth is that there are things that we can all work on.

    You also do a lot more than indulge in unGodly things. You’re a good person who likes to bring people together. You do care about your family and friends which I see as a great example of walking in God’s footsteps.

    But it’s not our place to evaluate you and it’s not our opinions that matter in the big picture. It’s all between you and God so follow your heart and be that better person. Keep striving and working towards living that life that you really want to live.

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