2012 In Retrospect – Thank You

2012 has undoubtedly, unequivocally been the hardest year I’ve had to endure.  I saw loved ones pass away, lost a girlfriend that meant everything to me, and worked nonstop in order to make a new business venture pan out.  Through this entire year of struggle, and through all my ratchetness (because admittedly I’ve been pretty ratchet this year) I am blessed to have family and friends that held me down through it all.  I cannot express enough how grateful I am for these people.   I don’t know how or if I’ll even be able to repay y’all for how you’ve helped me out this year, so at the very least I wanted to say thank you in a very public manner to let you know how much I appreciate it and how much y’all mean to me.

To my parents, who have loved me unconditionally and believed in me and my dream, and supported me spiritually, emotionally, and financially all year.  It’s not always the case that parents support their children in risky business ventures, but my parents have been unwavering in their support, and their genuine excitement for what the future may hold for The Class Room leaves me humbled and determined to make them proud.

To my sister, who was there to listen and chat with me, give me perspective when I needed it, and treat me to foodie meals I can no longer afford on a regular basis.  You’re wiser than your years, but you already knew that, so I’m not going to gas you any further.

To J Modes, it’s good having you back man.  The little time you’ve been back has really shown how much you can get done if you were here.  Thanks for entrusting us with our vision while you’re half a world away, asking the questions that need to be asked, and for just being the People’s Champ.

To Asif, I’ve asked a bunch of random favors of you this year, and you’ve always come through.  Thanks also for spotting me all those meals, and for letting me use your vacuum for the majority of 2012 haha.

To Alan, thanks for all your hard work this year.  I know you’ve had a tough year too, with a new marriage, newborn son, new career, and  I know it doesn’t help that I’m picky and I’m always complaining about something.  But The Class Room wouldn’t be where it’s at without its Budding Fashion Icon.  Thank you for all that you do, and keep doing what you do young playa.

To Hazel, thanks for being an awesome cook and letting me come over to eat.  Moreover, thanks for all your prayers and guidance you shower on me.  I know it seems like I don’t listen, but I do.

And last but certainly not least, to my BFF Paolo, and by extension his fiancee Sarah PQ.  Paolo, ever since college you’ve always came through when I needed a favor, but cot damn you held me down like no other this year.  From spotting me so many meals, to the work outs, to letting me use all of your accounts to stream TV over the internet, to all the photog and graphic design work you do for TCR, to covering the store when we needed someone, to listening to me through all my dating misadventures, the list goes on and on.  Sarah you’ve been there for much of it all also, and you two have taken care of me not unlike a parent takes care of a child.  Thanks for letting me #threewheelasalifestyle – I will be forever grateful for the two of y’all.

Thank you again to all of y’all for holding me down during my struggle.  Things are already getting better, and I truly feel like I/we are about to be on top.  My dreams are coming true and none of it would’ve been possible without y’all.  Thank you.  And for 2013…#LETSGETIT.


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