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I am a Christian and I support gay marriage

With the North Carolina ban on gay marriage heavy in the news today, I’m inspired to share my thoughts on gay marriage.  These are thoughts I’ve had for many years now, but let me go ahead and send out a disclaimer saying the views I share below are my personal views, and not intended to reflect any of the views by organizations or institutions (e.g. churches or my clothing store) I associate myself with.

Many people might read the title of this blog post and think I’m crazy, or think I’m not a true Christian.  To that point allow me to note that I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and I accepted his gift of salvation when I was in the second grade.  I was baptized by immersion in middle school as a public profession of my faith.  I believe the Bible is true, and that it is the inspired word of God.  I also believe homosexuality is indeed a sin.  Leviticus 18:22 explicitly states “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman.  It is an abomination,” (New King James Version).

I DO NOT believe, however, that our government has a right to ban same-sex marriage.  The fact that homosexuality is a sin is the first argument most Christians use against gay marriage. But just because something is a sin does not mean we should it make illegal.  For example, adultery is a sin that destroys families and hurts a lot of people.  I would even go so far as to say that the act of adultery has caused more harm in the world than the simple act of being gay.  Yet we do not outlaw adultery.  Another example is the freedom of speech, which is protected under the Bill of Rights.  People curse with foul tongues, use the name of the Lord in vain, spread gossip and rumors, lie to one another, so on and so forth.  Are these not all sins?  Yet in this nation, we fervently defend our freedom of speech.

Sex before marriage is a sin, shall we outlaw that?  Should we ban those who’ve had sex before marriage from ever getting married?  The point is something that is immoral does not automatically warrant the need to make it illegal.

Another argument from opponents of gay marriage is that it destroys family values.  To me, the most important family value is Love.  What’s stopping same-sex partners from loving and nurturing their children in the same way heterosexual parents do?

There is another argument that says gay marriage destroys the sanctity of marriage, that marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman, and if you allow same-sex marriage, where do you draw the line?  Should polygamy be allowed?  What about marriage between a person and their dog, or marriage between a person and their couch?

My opinion is that as long as the legal description of marriage is between two people, then you avoid the slippery slope of that last argument.

My point is although I believe homosexuality is a sin because I am a Christian, I also believe banning same-sex marriage unjustly discriminates against homosexuals and prevents them from enjoying things that heterosexual married couples enjoy, such as tax benefits, sharing company medical benefits with a spouse, etc.

Let gay people get married.  We have more important things to worry about.

P.S. I’m tired of so-called Christians yelling things like “Faggots go to hell” or “Being gay will send you to hell.”  Here in Houston, TX I see them with their picket signs and their bullhorns on street corners all the time.  We are all sinners, and we all deserve to go to hell.  God hates sin, but his love for ALL OF US is unconditional, and that is why he sent his son to die for us on the cross.  As Christians, let us stop judging people, and let us accept them as Christ accepted.  Do you not realize all that hooting, hollering, and hating is pushing people away from Christ?

That is all.  Thanks for reading.

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Word of the Day: Persistent

A Basket of Eggs

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my personal blog, and though I’ve honestly wanted to create a few posts recently, the truth is much of my thoughts have been dominated by a single subject. Sharing these thoughts in a public forum would likely make my life awkward (at least in certain situations), so instead I’ve kept things relatively private and discussed with a few that are close to me.

I was having another one of these conversations with a good friend this evening, when he gave me an anecdote that kind of put things in perspective. He’s actually told me parts of this story before, but we never discussed details. Without putting all of his business out on the world wide web, suffice it to say he hit a rough patch with someone he cared about, so rough this person wanted him to die. For months he would try to contact this person, only to be ignored. On the rare occasion he was able to make contact, it would end up in arguments so heated they would nearly come to blows. Nevertheless, my friend persevered, and despite the obstacles things eventually returned to normal.

Why would anyone go through all that stress, all that trouble, for months on end? There are some things in life that can’t be achieved until you abandon all other prospects and fully invest in that one thing. At some point when you really know what you want, you have to put all your eggs in one basket. This is exactly what my friend did. At the time he and I were not that close, but I’m sure he had homies telling him to let it go. I know I would have. But when it comes to certain matters of the heart there is no compromise and no giving up.

So, now that things are in perspective, I know how to proceed…and I only have one basket.

“How come…???”

This comes from a post on my friend Tawn’s blog ChickenAndKetchup.  Having several friends of different cultural backgrounds, Tawn couldn’t help but notice commonalities among people of the same ethnicity.  Her observations are meant to be humorous and though many of these questions are based on stereotypes, they are in no way intended to offend anyone.  Anyways, I had answers to many of the questions she asked, so here we go…

  1. How come the average size of a man’s wang differs across different races? A: Genetics
  2. How come the average breast and hip size of a woman differs across different races?  A: Again, genetics.
  3. How come Vietnamese girls are the ones who are more likely to get breast implants?  A: They’re more superficial and more willing to spend money on fake boobs.  Also, Viet guys tend to spoil their gf’s, so they may buy the boobs for their girl.
  4. How come Koreans girls are more likely to get surgery on their face? i.e. double eyelids? A: It’s part of Korean culture.  It’s basically expected that you get your eyes done by the time you graduate college.  Kinda like how we’re expected to get a license at age 16 (shout out to Minh).
  5. How come a lot of White people often walk  without shoes? A: Cuz they grew up in suburban America where it’s clean and safe to walk around barefoot.  Fuck around and walk barefoot in the hood and you’ll probably step on glass.
  6. How come a lot of Korean guys and Mexican guys like to be super douchey and overprotective of their significant others? A: They’re insecure, and all their fathers are assholes like that.
  7. How come Asians like their karaoke?  A: Because it’s fucking fun.
  8. How come a lot of Latinos hang out in the front of their house? A: It’s not Latinos that hang outside their house, it’s people from lower-income households, regardless of race.  For an example of non-Latinos hanging outside, watch the movie Friday.
  9. How come a lot of White people say, “WOOOOOO!” when they’re drunk? A: Specifically, drunk white girls.  It’s a signal to the hunters that the prey is ready for the taking.
  10. How come Filipinos seem to always roll deep? A: Because we do.
  11. How come Filipinos spell certain things with a Ph or a F or P.  I’m always confused as to which one to use.  A:
  12. How come we (Asians) always seem to place Chinese and Koreans at a higher social status in the Asian ladder of coolness.  Ok, using Yao Ming as a reason isn’t legit. Haha. A: Filipinos are the coolest Asians.  It’s scientifically proven.
  13. Why do us jungle Asians have the most issues with the law? A: We like doing hood rat stuff with our friends.
  14. How come Filipinos and Blacks are naturally better dancers? A: Referring to my earlier point, we’re naturally cooler.  I also want to point out that Filipino and African-American cultures have a lot of similarities.  I may have to blog about this later.
  15. How come White people love getting darker (tan), while everyone else is trying to maintain the lightest color as possible…but not too light or we look sickly.  A: Because in most other cultures the working class is dark.
  16. How come Vietnamese and Mexicans both like cilantro, green onions, and lime? A: Teenage pregnancy.

Make sure you check out Tawn’s blog for the full list of questions.

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Up until a few years ago I actually enjoyed working out.  While many people find lifting weights a chore, I used to always think it was fun.  And to be honest I can admit I’m rather vain, so after I developed a little bit of muscle I couldn’t imagine losing it.  A couple of years ago, however, I started losing motivation to hit the gym. Nowadays everybody is trying to be swoll, and there are hella meatheads and douchebags running around in their Affliction shirts thinking they’re hot shit.  I hate going to the gym and seeing those guys.  Also, as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more fond of beer and eating well (not healthy), whereas earlier in life I found it easy to refrain from poor nutritional decisions. Furthermore, I’ve learned it’s still possible to attract women without looking like a superhero as long as you know how to talk to them.  So for over the past 2 years it’s been more and more of a struggle for me to find the motivation to hit the gym consistently.

Then a couple of weeks ago I went to Lake Conroe to spend time with my family for my sister’s 20th birthday.  Three of her friends made it out to the lake as well, one of which being a rather tall, athletic looking fellow.  Now, I know for a fact my sister’s not formerly dating anyone right now, but she told me she’s talking, chilling, and just “having fun” with some guy.  (I’m old enough to know what that means, but as her older brother I try not to think about it.)  Anyways, I put 2 and 2 together and figured this is the cat she’s talking to.

So we’re on the boat, and I have to admit homeboy’s kinda ripped (pause).  Then I get to thinking, “I’ll be damned if these lil mother f*****s tryin to holler at my LITTLE SISTER be swoller than me.”  These fools need to recognize if they cross the line I am both willing and ABLE to break their face.  Don’t get me wrong, when I meet these guys I’m “nice” enough, to a certain extent.  But I don’t have to be friendly.  Why we gotta be friends?  I already have my friends…to me the clique is full.

So now my motivation for working out is less about attracting hoes, and more about ensuring my sister isn’t treated like a hoe. For the most part I think she’ll make wise decisions in regards to dating because she doesn’t suffer from DBS (Dumb Broad Syndrome, which I will discuss in an upcoming blog post), but guys in general can’t be trusted.  When my sister brings a dude to meet me, I gotta be sure I intimidate him enough so that he knows if he slips up, that’s his ass.

Bonus: As a young’un this movie was motivational for me.

The top 3 foodmates

Everything in life can be related to basketball.  Even food.

Some food combinations go exceptionally well together.  Like a great duo on the basketball court, you can hardly mention one without mentioning the other.  In the basketball world, no pair exemplifies this more than Stockton and Malone.  In America, I’d argue that you’d be hard-pressed to find a food duo more classic than burger and fries.

But the true greats make everyone around them better.  They are able to motivate their less talented teammates to a new level of excellence.  Most notably, Michael Jordan is credited with doing this as he led the Bulls to 6 rings.  Similarly, there are certain players in the culinary game that make everything taste better. It doesn’t matter what you team it up with, the top food teammates will most assuredly compliment other foods and almost always enhance the overall flavor.  Thus, let us take a look at what I consider to be the top three food teammates

#3 – Rice

I’m sure many would argue my selection of rice at the #3 spot over many other foods.  This is just my Filipino-ness showing through.  I honestly believe Filipinos love rice more than any other Asian ethnicity.  We’ll eat rice with eggs, steak, SPAM, fried chicken…Man, I know Filipinos that put rice in their spaghetti.  Rice goes with almost everything.

#2 – Chocolate

Chocolate-covered anything.  That’s pretty much all I have to say.  I mean, who doesn’t like getting chocolate wasted? You can dip almost anything in chocolate and it’s almost guranteed to taste better.  Well, while I’m thinking about it, almost any kind of meat dipped in chocoloate sounds pretty gross, but other than that I’d probably eff with it.

#1 – Bacon

Hands-down the best foodmate ever HAS to be bacon.  What can bacon not make better?  Got a fantastic, perfectly grilled steak?  Throw some bacon on that mugg and see if it don’t taste better.  Bacon-wrapped shrimp?  Yes please.  Bacon ice cream?  I haven’t had it, but you know and I know we’d all try it because we’re all aware of the deliciousness that is bacon.

(Note: I debated as to whether condiments should be considered.  Ultimately I decided against it, mainly because you cannot eat condiments alone as an entree/side item/snack and thus they should not be considered a “food” within the context of this discussion, although I’m sure some would argue that point.  If condiments were to be considered, ranch would have to be #1)

Bonus:  Hakeem Olajuwon, aka the greatest center to ever play the game of basketball, also made his teammates better.  But sometimes, he had to get his.

Am I doing too much?

So let me preface this post by saying it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything on my personal blog (since December 2009 to be more precise).  Shoot…I never even posted Part 2 of my return to SoCal post haha.  I’ve been pretty active on the 3Kings blog, but I’ve been neglecting my personal blog, mainly because I think very few people care what I have to say or think, and I talk to those people in person regularly anyways.  However, I’ve been inspired by my good friend Tawn, who’s been blogging [almost] daily as part of some 100-day challenge, and she’s gotten quite a response.  So maybe someone will care eventually (or maybe Tawn is just THAT cool, which could be the case).  Anyways, back to the main topic of my “back to the blog game” post…

So I was gonna write about how I feel like I’m always inviting people to do stuff but they never seem down.  As of late all my little attempts at gathering people have failed.  I spent the past 40 minutes coming up with examples, but now I’m thinking on most occasions I probably need to give people more than a same-day notice, and that’s why my gatherings have been pretty unsuccessful.  So pretty much this blog was a waste, and I apologize to you if you actually read it, but I felt it would’ve been more of a waste if I didn’t even publish this post seeing the time I’ve spent on it.

Thank you, and good night.

Mr. Cabby James returns to SoCal – Part 1

The first weekend in December marked my 3rd trip to SoCal in 2009.  The place is like my second home.  I was accompanied by my cousin and close friend Hazel.  We flew into San Diego, where we spent the first part of the weekend for my cousin/godbrother Randy’s wedding.  It also happens that this is the third wedding in which I’ve particpated as a groomsmen – seems like getting married was the “in” thing to do in 2009.  This was one was extra special because I’m especially close to Randy, and to see him wed someone he truly loves (and someone he didn’t even kiss before the wedding), was a blessing in itself.  The entire family flew out, so it was a great family vacation of sorts.

San Diego is a pretty dope city.  If you’ve never been I highly encourage you to visit.  The weather is perfect 98% of the year, which is probably why you always see people outside running/biking/rollerblading/etc.  The nightlife is fun too – you can think of the historic Gas Lamp District as San Diego’s version of West 6th street in Austin.  You can find cool, trendy bars there without the boogie-ness synonomous with LA clubs.   I like to think of SD as LA’s more laid back sibling.  That applies not only to nighlife, but to daylife as well.  People are just more chill in SD.  If you ever do make it to San Diego I REQUIRE that you go to a joint called Extraordinary Desserts.  More on that later.

Saturday after the wedding we left SD for Los Angeles.  More on that in part 2….

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The realest thing I ever wrote? Maybe…

Today my dad had an outpatient surgical procedure to remove a bone fragment in his spine.  Surgery went well, and he should recover without incidence.  I left work early to visit him at the hospital.  It was kind of weird seeing my dad there, in a hospital gown, still weak from the procedure.  It made me realize a few things…

1.  My pops is getting old.  I actually looked in the mirror of the bathroom, saw myself dressed in my business casual attire, and then looked over at my dad to see him in his hospital gown.  At that exact moment I realized I’m a grown ass man now, going on 25 years of life, and it won’t be long before I’ll have to take care of my parents.  It’s something I won’t mind at all…it’s the least I can do after all they’ve provided for me.  But I guess today it reinforced the fact that I need to make sure I keep my priorities straight at the present time (specifically pertaining to money matters) so that I won’t be in a difficult position in the future.

2.  My parents are in love.  Genuine love.  My mom’s a nurse at Methodist Hospital, where my dad had his procedure.  So she was able to basically nurse my dad while she was at work.  You can see it…the love is real.  For some reason this was the first time I saw them together and looked at them as a “couple” and not my parents.  There was just something different today when I saw them interact.  You could tell they find each other the most important people on this planet (of course me and my sister come a close second and third, respectively haha).  That’s the kind of love I hope to find….

All that being said, if you know me, you know I can never be all serious, all the time.  So while I’m having this moment, with my deep introspective thoughts, I also realize….

3.  There are a lot of beautiful women at Methodist Hospital.  Seriously.  A lot.  My family wanted me to be a doctor growing up, but I think it’s a good thing I didn’t become one.  I would have been surrounded by women all day, I would have had a lot of money, and I’d still be just as good-looking as I am now.  I’ll leave that at that and let you draw your own conclusions.   (Disclaimer: Patients would have been off-limits though…I have morals people!)

Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa – How Fly Mixtape

Hip-hop is not dead.  You just gotta to know where to look.   And the answer is mixtapes distributed via the internet..  Admittedly, a lot of my friends and rap fans in general have been riding this wave for a minute and I’m a bit late gettin on it…but I haven’t had a computer for two years, so cut me a break.  Anyways, since I copped my new computer, I’ve come across sooo many dope artists and mixtapes.  Below is a mixtape I’ve been jammin real hard lately.  I first came across Curren$y when he was featured on Weezy F. Baby’s “Grown Man”, and since then he’s generated quite a buzz for himself this year releasing 7 well-received mixtapes.  I wasn’t too familiar with Wiz before listening to this mixtape, but he’s gained my respect as a solid rapper (his voice reminds me of Wale, though).  Anyways, without further ado…

Curren$y and Wiz Khalifah – How Fly Mixtape